Reversing the trend of events in your marriage.


I attribute the problems and issues relating to marriage failures to several factors that were never resolved during the dating period, including:

• Lack of self-discovery

• Poor or a complete lack of commitment to courtship, or ‘marriage preparation’.

• Marrying for the wrong reasons.

• Being pressured by parents, family members, or peers.

• The problem of wrong choices. Some couples do not have clear terms and conditions for engaging in a relationship in the first place.

• Some have not been counseled before marriage.

• Some have not considered important qualities before choosing a marriage partner.

• Some establish their marriage on lies

• Some are desperate, and they make hasty decisions.

We all have had different experiences and stories about our marriage relationships, perhaps positive, or negative. Whether we have had positive or negative experiences, it does not matter. What matters is that we are going to transform all the experiences we have encountered in our marriage into a learning opportunity, so that we will continue to learn and grow from our mistakes and achieve our dream home and happy marriage. We will create positive impacts in the lives of singles who are getting ready for marriage so that they can be prepared to make an informed decision in choosing their life partners.