Marriage is a beautiful thing! It is a ‘place’ of love, joy, friendship and growth. We create new lives in a marriage, and we attend to the needs of our ‘bundle of joy’. It is therefore inexpedient to ‘jump’ into marriage without adequate preparations and the best way to begin the marriage journey is through courtship.

Courtship or dating exposes the couple involved to a great opportunity; an avenue to access their individualities in order to make informed decision regarding their compatibility. It is also a period of interview and planning for the marriage proper.

A lot of single men and women who are engaged in courtship face challenges, including conflicts, misunderstanding and they generally struggle with decision and choice of a life partner. Some of them go through several other challenges within the first few years of their marriage: heartbreak, divorce, disappointment, breakup, unforgiveness, betrayal, separation, and other awful experiences. We will create positive impacts in the lives of singles who are getting ready for marriage, so they can be better prepared to make informed decision in choosing their life partners.

.. Angela Ezugwu