Hi there!

I am Angela Ezugwu, and I am so excited about thriving relationships and marriages.

I am here to empower and work with single individuals (men and women) to learn the important skills and principles to build and nurture real and healthy relationship/marriage that will last.

I specialize in Relationship and Marriage Counselling. I provide quality counselling services to couples in genuine relationship and individuals or couples seeking help to solve marriage issues:


I help singles take practical steps to choose a suitable life partner.

I will guide you to discover marriage principles: understanding your personality and of your prospective partner.

I will work with you on the importance of trust as the key ingredient for long lasting relationships.

My clients will be empowered to take wise decisions and build a healthy relationship that will last.


I assist couples to overcome challenges due to poor communication, infidelity, and intimacy issues.

I assist couples in resolving conflict, burnout, and similar marriage stressors.